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DIY Pelikan Replica Demonstrators

We are now pleased to offer European custom crafted barrels in light and dark yellow/brown. These are $75 and can be incorporated into custom demos.

Faced with the problem of cellulose nitrate Pelikan 100 bodies that have disintegrated, a little while ago I commissioned the production of replacement shafts. Then, preparing for a seminar and looking for a demonstrator, I put the two together. The result, which you see below, is Pelikan 100 "demonstrator" of the kind that the company never made until after World War II. I made a couple, one for a client and one for myself, and have finally had time to put together a few more. These are fully functional, useable pens. Available with a variety of fittings including early hard rubber, as shown. Also available with a clear green body and, if you wish to get wild, blue and red. I'm not gonna make or sell a lot of them in part because they are expensive. Nibs and trim levels are negotiable. 

As shown, with front line hard rubber parts and an early gold nib, $500.00. 

I can also put together a "1929" model (including heart hole nib) like mine, as shown. $1000.00 

Email to find out what your fantasy demonstrator might cost.

These can be custom made to client specification in two days.


Do It Yourself!
We are now pleased to offer the Shafts, or bodies, alone in clear, green, red and blue. Single unit prices are $50.00. Please inquire for pricing on orders for more than three units.