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The Return of The PENguin

First off, a big thank you to those who have purchased or reserved pens despite our absence! Sometimes I wonder if we even need this website!

Our big news is that the entire website is currently undergoing our biggest update since we opened more than fifteen years ago. We will unveil the new look on or before August 15. Stay tuned for developing news of the new site!

In the meantime we now have:

Our First-Ever Sitewide Clearance Sale!

Instead of moving a lot of pens currently on this website to the new one, I’d rather send them to you. Throughout the site there are some very deep discounts available, so while you are binge watching your favorite series, browse the site for some extraordinary bargains. They can be found anywhere and everywhere.

And throughout the summer keep coming back, since we will be adding additional pens at discount throughout the summer. Bookmark us and make us part of your summer reading list!


Some views of our recent road trip through the South.

Some Recent acquisitions also at reduced prices:

Left to right:

  • Aurora 88 Gold filled cap, clean but for a few micro-dings at the back side of the cap. Medium flexible nib. A great classic at an affordableprice. $225 SOLD
  • Kosca Gold filled 18 KR Overlay. At 5 3/8 inches this is the biggest Kosca overlay I’ve seen. The nib is a 14 K Kosca medium with good flex. An extraordinary piston-fill pen in near perfect condition. $450$395.
  • Montblanc 216. A large Danish button fill. With a Montblanc 14 K medium nib with good flex. Excellent condition. $275.
  • Pelikan 110. The legendary white gold overlay Pelikan. These are often found in very used condition. This one has almost no plating wear and is in fine condition except for one cap crease and the typical denting to captop. Fully restored with a high quality modern barrel in light yellow. This is the nicest 110 I have been able to offer in several years. Priced to sell at $1800 $1500.
  • Another uncommon Pelikan, the 400N, made for just 11 months. In excellent condition with a DF nib that can be changed at your choice. $495. SOLD
  • Pelikan M710 in sterling silver. The original owner polished the flats for an interesting, but not unpleasing, effect. Otherwise in excellent condition. $495. SOLD

Additional images available on request.

Another uncommon modern pen is the M1000in green stripe. I see five in black for every one in green. The nib is a medium, others are possible. $650

We also picked up sereral dozen Pelikan green stripe 140s, as well as 400s and 400NNs in both green and brown. Get them while we have our greates selection.


Be sure to regularly visit the new Rick’s Pens Page listed on the sidebar to the left.

I imagine that for every collector the time comes when you think, “well, I have too many pens.” There are verious reasons for the thought, age infirmity or simply the desire to reshape a collection. For me, happily, it is just the realization that over the years I have tended to gather together a dozen examples of a given maker when one of two would have served as well. And, well, I am getting older. So, as promised, this is the first installment of pens from my own collection that I will begin to offer.

Carter is best known for their ink, but for a brief time they made some of the highest quality pens ever offered by a “secondary” American maker. Over-engineered best describes these pens. I’ll be offering a few of these over the next few months.

Two of these:

  • RP1-The Lapis “Superwear” is of standard size and has a slightly soft fine nib. There is an owner imprint near the lever. $175 $135
  • RP2-The Jade is the classic oversize “Inx.” Curiously there is no inner cap and I am not sure if it began life with one or not. As you can see the color is good, but not perfect. The price reflects not just the quality and scarcity of these pens but the modest defectsof this example. $350 $275

Diamond Medal pens were made for Sears by the National Pen Products Company which was part of C. E. Barrett’s Chicago based syndicate. (It’s complacated). Pens of good quality. . I’ll be offering a few ofthese over the next few months.

  • RP3-This is a flat top oversize in black with a Warranted #8 Fine rigid nib.The clip has a bit of side play but is secure. $125 $95

LeBoeuf is one of the legendary American makers. If you know, about this legendary Springfield, Massachusetts maker you know, if you don’t you should. This is probably the only of my LeBoeufs, a set no less, that I am willing to let loose of.

  • RP4-This is a Jet and Pearl number 6, with a single piece barrel sleeve filler. The quality of the color and the presence of the pencil set this apart from the usual. $600 $450

Finally, for now, my first Japanese safety pen,

  • RP5- A modest Pilot in black celluloid. From the early 1950s with a Pilot Namiki imprint and a #1 flexible 12 Karat fine nib. An uncommon little pen. I cannot guarantee the seal on this pen. $150 $125

Remember, also, the Howerton Collection. There are some lovely pens still remaining and we are accepting reasonable offers on these.

Below you will find a list of recently acquired pens from the Ohio Pen Show and a few other sources. Browse these and feel free to wander the pages inside.

New and Notable Pens:

  • PA3727 a Parker 51 double jewel blue diamond in the uncommon buckskin color with gold filled cap
  • PA3729 a first year double jewel 51 in dove with a gold filled cap (owner initials).
  • OT3698 a very uncommon Kaweco Dia in blue marble
  • OT3699 another Dia in red

We’ve had a Waterman Patriciam on the homepage off and on for a while. This have got to go:

  • Nacre (jet and pearl) pen. This one has an imprint for the “Star Salesman Club.” Average discoloration. Nacre is hard to find. $1,100. Now $650 $450
In 1987, having gone to the brink of extinction and being saved by Swiss bankers and Asian investors, Pelikan built its first oversized pen, based on the early postwar design of the famed Pelikan 400. The M800, as the new pen was designated, was intended to compete with the larger pens of its long-time rival, Montblanc. The new pen was a departure and, presumably, a necessary risk, for the company. The gamble paid off and over the next few years the Pelikan M800 emerged as arguably the finest pen of its era.

For those of you who want to wear your allegiance to Pelikan front and center, we are pleased to offer these belt buckles. They are cast in bronze by a leading pen collector who is also a jewellry maker. They are just under two inches in diameter and have a bracket that allows you to put them on any 1 ¼” belt. We can also offer them in sterling silver.

The brass buckles are $175.00 plus shipping and we can supply them with a belt for $205.00.

Click here to buy this item or get more info.

Purpose, Pens and Pelikans

This year marks twenty-seven years of pen collecting for me. I began with Sheaffers and Parkers and then looked to the classical "big four," of American pendom, Parker, Sheaffer, Watermans and Eversharp. In the mid-1990s, I decided to focus narrowly on Parkers. Then in 1997, I became interested in Pelikans. More recently I have added an interest in oversize German pens, modern and a few vintage Italian pens and a representative sample of the classical American greats.

Today my collection is probably smaller than it was a decade ago, but far more coherent. For more see the About Me page. If you wish to learn more about Pelikan pens please follow this link to the illustrated Pelikan History article I wrote for PenTrace. The purpose of PENguin is to offer other collectors, and anyone else who is interested, first rate, fully restored pens to add to your collection or for daily use. All pens offered here have been fully restored by me or by German craftsmen who I trust and are guaranteed to you for two years. (Please note that this guarantee is not transferrable.) I want you to be able to use or enjoy your pens as much as I do.


It’s been a while since we updated the Pen Traveler. As many of you know, we love to travel and now that we are both retired (me, sort of) we are doing much more of it including annual two month road trips throughout America. The 2016 trip took us through the South and you can find a fuller account of that trip on The PENguin Blog.

You can also enjoy a sample of images from our travels past and recent.

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