Kaweco Sport (set)

Year: 1972
Make: Kaweco
Model: Sport (set)
Cap: Burgundy celluloid
Body: Burgundy celluloid
Length: 5.0
Condition: excellent
Flaws: Tarnish to bands, some scuffing to the body

This little burgundy Kaweco Sport set in burgundy celluloid commemorates the 20th Olympics held in Munchen, Germany in 1972. The matching fountain pen and ballpoint set comes in a matching burgundy leather holder with a nice little medallion. As long as you keep the pen and pouch together - you'll never forget which year the pen was made! (OT3884)

Nib Details:
Make: Kaweco Material: 14k Description: 14c 585 semi-hooded
Grade: F Flexibility: Soft, but not flexible