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Onoto Magna

Year: 1937
Make: Onoto
Model: Magna
Cap: black chased celluloid
Body: black chased celluloid
Length: 5.2
Condition: excellent
Flaws: weak filling system


1937 Onoto Magna. Some folks claim that the Magna is the greatest pen ever made. I’m not sure I would go that far, but it is a great classic. It is a big sturdy pen, about the size of a modern Pelikan M800. And the bi-color #6 nib is a broad stub as only the English do them. Like most Onotos, the pen pulls a suction but does not really fill. It can be used with pleasure as an eyedropper. The price reflects the need for restoration. I’ve seen these going for as much as £890. This one can be yours for $450. (OT5207)

Nib Details:
Make: Onoto Material: 14 Carat Description: bicolor
Grade: Broad Stub Flexibility: soft with some flex