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Bruno Corsini The PENguin

Year: 2007
Make: Bruno Corsini
Model: The PENguin
Cap: BHR or celluloid
Body: Ivory substitute
Length: 5.8
Condition: near mint
Flaws: None

I very rarely have one of these come back to me, but I am now able to offer one of the PENguin Pens from 2007. 

Below is a brief version of the description of the pen by the maker, Bruno Corsini:


In 2006, Rick Propas — known to many as the PENguin — asked me to do a limited edition pen. I'd known Rick for a number of years and knew him to be an avid Pelikan collector. The LE pen needed to fit in with his basic style and evoke the heritage of the German pens he loved.


In keeping with Rick's moniker, I wanted the pen also to reflect the image of a penguin. I chose the Emperor Penguin as the model, with its basic black and white color scheme, accented with amber rings


This is a piston filling pen of good size, but with nice balance. The barrel has a clear amber ink window and  is made of a modern "alternative ivory" material. The black components are hard rubber. The clip was designed to resemble the Penguin beak and was  cast in 10K gold.


The PENguin LE was limited to 20 production pens, each entirely made by hand. 


This pen is #3 and is in near mint condition. It carries an 18 Carat Medium nib with a PF imprint. Other nibs (including custom 14 Carat M800 nibs) are possible.


 The original price for these was $995. It can be yours for a low, low $795. PE4874


 The full story of the pen's development is located here, on Bruno's site

Nib Details: *
Make: Pelikan M800 Material: 18 Carat Description: bicolor
Grade: Medium Flexibility: soft, but not flexible
* other nib options available, fill in request during check-out