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Carter's Inx Oversize 5227

Year: 1930
Make: Carter's
Model: Inx Oversize 5227
Cap: Red Mottled Hard Rubber
Body: Red Mottled Hard Rubber
Length: 5.6
Condition: very good
Flaws: worn imprint

If you know about Carter's pens, you know. And if you don't know you should. Known mostly for ink, in the 1930s Carters put out their own pens and they were superb. Like so many small makers like LeBoeuf, Chilton, etc. They disappeared in the depths of the Depression, but were every bit as good as the more famed makers and in many ways better. $450 (OT4793)

If you don't have one, you owe it to yourself. The nib is an unmarked Fine that flexes out to BB.

Nib Details:
Make: Carter Material: 14 Carat Description: Inx
Grade: Fine Flexibility: F to BB