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Pelikan M600 in burgundy

Year: 1987
Make: Pelikan
Model: M600 in burgundy
Cap: Burgundy acrylic
Body: Burgundy acrylic
Length: 5.0
Condition: very good
Flaws: not a flaw, but modified filler

This may be the most interesting Pelikan I have sold in a while. Let me start by saying that the pen is in very good modified condition with a very nice modified broad stub nib.

I have no idea how or why this pen got the filler it did, but it works and uses a modified Pelikan seal, so it should be at least as durable as the original since the internals are of brass.

And the nib is a delight.

It would make both a great user and a fine curiosity. Normally, these pens sell in the range of $350, but because of the modifications the price is a screaming' deal--$195. (PE4829)

Nib Details: *
Make: Pelikan Material: 14 Carat Description: bi-color logo
Grade: Broad Stub Flexibility: B to BB
* other nib options available, fill in request during check-out