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Parker 51 A Trio

Year: 1948
Make: Parker
Model: 51 A Trio
Cap: Gold filled (vermeil)
Body: Black and cedar
Length: 5.0
Condition: very good
Flaws: minor dings to the caps

We have here a trio of Parker 51s. One of the great iconic pens. A pen that is both elegant and a solid, sturdy, reliable everyday user. You cannot go wrong with a 51

The top pen is a late English model with a 14 Ct. Rolled gold cap. The cap shows use, and there is a ding under the clip arrow, but no brassing. The nib is a typical fine. A lovely pen. $195 (PA4795)

The middle pen is from 1947 (a T7) in cedar blue with an evenly lined cap. The cap shows a couple of minor depressions, not even dings. The nib is a fine. The blue in the diamond is gone. I will replace it on request. $195 (PA4796)

The bottom pen is perhaps the most interesting of the lot. It is from 1948 with the new style clip, but a vacuum-fill--thus a very late pen. It is very clean, with only a few pecks to the cap. The clutch ring retains the gold wash. The nib is a fine. $195 (PA4797) SOLD

Any of these would make superb holiday gifts as we go into the season.

Nib Details: *
Make: Parker Material: 14 Carat Description: 51 hooded
Grade: fine Flexibility: on a 51???
* other nib options available, fill in request during check-out