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Pelikan 140 in burgundy

Year: 1950
Make: Pelikan
Model: 140 in burgundy
Cap: Burgundy celluloid
Body: Burgundy celluloid
Length: 4.8
Condition: very good
Flaws: cosmetic marring to the section

The Pelikan 140 is far and away our most popular model, and the solid color variants make these workhorses just a bit special. I don't often have the burgundy models on the site, they sell too quickly, especially at pen shows. Right now there is just one example. (WB76)

(representative image)

Nib Details: *
Make: Pelikan Material: 14 Carat Description: plain script style
Grade: EF Flexibility: EF to BB
* other nib options available, fill in request during check-out