Parker "51" First Year

Year: 1941
Make: Parker
Model: "51" First Year
Cap: gold filled
Body: Cedar Blue
Length: 5.4
Condition: very good
Flaws: spot of brassing on cap, owner imprint on cap

1941 Parker 51 in cedar blue with a 1/10 16 K gold filled cap. First year cedar is a different color than the later pens. This is a later example of the first year with the cap imprint at the lip and the plastic filler, but it has aluminum jewels top and bottom. The barrel imprint, at the bottom of the blind cap, is barely readable and the pen, in general, shows expected wear. It has an owner imprint with the initials “TOY” stacked in th indicia. The cap is clean except for one minor ding and a 2 mm spot of brassing at the lip below the indicia. An essential part of any 51 collection and/or a superb user. (PA4413)


Nib Details:
Make: Parker Material: 14 Karat Description: hooded
Grade: Fine to Medium Flexibility: none