Tabo STB

Year: 1940
Make: Tabo
Model: STB
Cap: silver ray celluloid
Body: silver ray celluloid
Length: 4.9
Condition: poor
Flaws: ink window needs repair

If you are looking for a challenge, here is your pen.

Tabo was one of Italy's leading brands at mid 20th century. The STB was their second tier line, but with solid quality and beautiful celluloid.

This lovely little pen has issues. The ink window has separated from the body and the pen cannot be resacced until the window is repaired of replaced. So you get a great pen, either for show or as a project, for cheap. (IT4401)

Nib Details:
Make: S.T.B. Material: 14k Description: Bologna 585 #7
Grade: Medium Flexibility: M to BB