Soennecken 222 Superior and 22 (Set)

Year: 1955
Make: Soennecken
Model: 222 Superior and 22 (Set)
Cap: Black celluloid
Body: Black celluloid
Length: 5.0
Condition: good
Flaws: Scratching on the click knob and body of the 222

This is a Soennecken 222 Superior/22 set in black celluloid. The pencil is click actuated. The pen fills with a working click-piston filler and the ink window is decorated with in squares of varying sizes. It has a nib that will make many collectors salivate: a flexible left-oblique M stub nib in 14k. (OT3298)

Nib Details:
Make: Soennecken Material: 14k Description: 14k-585
Grade: Left-foot oblique M Flexibility: M-BB