Pelikan 100N prototype

Year: 1954
Make: Pelikan
Model: 100N prototype
Cap: Red celluloid
Body: Tortoise celluloid
Length: 5.0
Condition: fair
Flaws: Cap is a mess. Poor cap lip repair and clumsily repaired crack above that.

This uncatalogued pen is believed to be a prototype 100n. Nib has two chick pelikan logo. The cap is not in good condition. The binde is striped tortoise, very translucent. There is some engraving (a name, it looks like) that could be easily surfaced out, and I would be happy to do the resurfacing for the new owner. (PE4280)

Nib Details:
Make: Pelikan Material: 14k Description: Pelikan 14c-585 2 chicks
Grade: KEF Flexibility: EF-B