2005 Pelikan Caelum LE

Year:  2005 Condition:  New
Cap:  Brass and enamel Body:  Brass and enamel
Nib:  18 K M, B, or OB Price:  $1850.00
Length:  5 7/8" Flaws:  Light wear to box

The Caelum is Pelikan's M1000-sized, limited edition tribute to the solar system. Each planet is represented on the pen's barrel. The Caelum is limited to 580 pens worldwide, a reference to the average distance of 58 million kilometres at which the planet Mercury orbits our star. Says Pelikan:

The limited edition "Caelum" is a spectacular creation full of astonishingly staged details of our solar system. The masterfully hand engraved 18 carat gold nib, decorated throughout with rhodium, is just the tip of this impressive masterpiece. The top of the cap symbolises the sun shining over everything, its brilliant golden rays engraved into the cap of the "Caelum" towards which the nine planets of the solar system stream. At the foot of the cap, likewise in the form of the finest engraving, begins the fascinating representation of all nine planets, from Mercury to Pluto, which is continued passionately on the barrel. On the back, along the entire length of the cap and barrel is a gilded band, with the names of the sun and all the planets, crossed by the finely symbolised planetary orbits. Barrel, cap and grip are framed in fine sterling silver and painted cosmos blue such that many distant stars and planets from other galaxies can be seen as tiny points of light.

From pen to packaging, the Caelum makes a bold statement. The pen is available with OB, B or M nib; it fits the full range of M1000 nibs, providing the near flexibility that the M1000 is famed for, and meaning that the nib can be readily swapped and customized. This pen is new, unused, with the box and outer shipping box.