1988 Pelikan M750

Year:  1988 Condition:  used in box
Cap:  silver plated guilloche Body:  silver plated guilloche
Nib:  14 K fine Price:  $275.00
Length:  5" Flaws:  as noted below
1988 Pelikan M750 in silver plate fishscale guilloche. Produced for Gunther Wagner's 150th anniversary these M400 sized metal pens (the 760, not offered, was gold plate), are becoming increasingly popular. This example is used, but not abused (no dents or dings) and the ink window is cloudy. It has a single tone Fine 14 K nib, which probably should be duo-tone, with as much flex as the modern nibs give. The price reflects all this, $275.00. Includes original box and papers, no. 018878 (not a serial number).
PE 1936