2008 Pelikan M800 clear transparent Demonstrator

Year:  2008 Condition:  New in box
Cap:  clear acrylic Body:  clear acrylic
Nib:  18 K medium Price:  $450.00
Length:  5 5/8" Flaws:  none
2008 Pelikan M800 clear transparent Demonstrator. In truth, I prefer the plain version to the etched and as I write this one of them resides in my pocket. One of the coolest things about this pen, to my mind, is the cutaway of the piston mechanism. Unfortunately Pelikan in their wisdom set it opposite the nib face. I can change this to look as the pen does in the image of the open pen by modifying the nib position, but this involves a non reversible modification to the feed. They all come with medium nibs, I can offer some alternatives and customisation. $450.00.