1997 Pelikan M111

Year:  1997 Condition:  New in box
Cap:  black celluloid Body:  18 K gold binde over translucent yellow celluloid
Nib:  18 K Broad (vintage nib assembly available ) Price:  $975.00 ($1050 with vintage nib and original nib)
Length:  4 ¼" Flaws:  none
1997 Pelikan M111, gold banded Pelikan 111 replica with black celluloid and hard rubber. This was the first, and perhaps the most exquisite of the "Originals of Their Time" series. An elegant pen and startlingly precise replica. This is a new pen. Comes with a broad nib, some choice among nibs available, $975.00. In addition, you can make this a superb user, as well as an elegant pen, by adding one of my vintage nib assemblies. I've made more than two dozen for folks and everyone loves them. Normally these cost $175.00. However, add just $75.00 and you can have your choice of vintage nib assemblies added to this pen.