1990s Tighe Mokume Gane and Ivory M800

Year:  1990s Condition:  Near mint
Cap:  Mastadon ivory Body:  Mokume gane metalwork
Nib:  Custom 18 K oblique fine Price:  $2100.00
Length:  5 1/2" Flaws:  None
Mokume Gane and Mastodon Ivory Pelikan M800. In the late 1990s Grayson Tighe, then the teenaged son of noted knifemaker Brian Tighe and already a noted knifemaker in his own right, turned his hand to pens, using as his basis the legendary Pelikan M800. He did all manner of pens using the M800, including my own titanium models, before Pelikan stopped him from using their pens. Since then he has gone on to do many pens of his own design, but to my eye these are some of his finest creations, using the classic shape of the M800 and letting his fantastic artistry and craftsmanship shine.

This pen uses the mokume gane method of metalwork from Japan for the binde. The cap and turning knob are made of mastodon ivory in the traditional Pelikan style. The pens are unnumbered, but Tighe has assured me that no more than twenty were made. According to Tighe, these pens are appreciating rapidly and one can understand why. There will be no more and they are exquisite.

A friend has asked me to find a new home for this. Before I decide just to keep it, take it away for $2100.00. The pen has a custom made oblique fine 18 K nib, and can be had with a range of other nibs as well.