1991 Green Pelikan M800

Year:  1991 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  Black acrylic Body:  Green striped celluloid
Nib:  18 K medium Price:  $325.00
Length:  5 1/2" Flaws:  None
1991 Pelikan M800 in green. Marked West Germany. Arguably the greatest modern fountain pen. Old style with the medallions top and bottom. A truly elegant pen. The nib here is an 18K Medium. This pen is about as good as they get in modern Pelikans. A great user and essential to any Pelikan collection.
PE1515. This s an early M800 in the original issue black clamshell box with flocked insert and papers. The nib is a 14 K fine and it still has the nib sticker on the barrel. If it's been used, I would be surprised. It is, of course, fully marked W. Germany. This may be one of those pens that you want to leave unused, though it would make a superb daily writer.
$375.00. SOLD!

PE1590-91: These are two West German M800s, both with 18 K fine nibs and both in Excellent + condition. Both come in the early velvet trimmed clamshell box.
$325.00 each.
Both SOLD!
Temporarily Out of Stock