1980s Burgundy Pelikan M600

Year:  1980s Condition:  Excellent+
Cap:  Burgundy acrylic Body:  Burgundy acrylic
Nib:  See below Price:  See below
Length:  5" Flaws:  See below
PE1526, 1980s M250/400. This pen is a bit of a hybrid, with a burgundy cap, black captop and plain turning knob. It has a single tone 14K medium nib.

PE1538 is a burgundy Pelikan M600, old style. This is a great, highly collectible modern Pelikan classic and a cool pen to boot. Old style, same size as 400, but with more trim. One of the few modern, non-800s that I have. You need one too. Unlike the pen in the image, this one has been used but shows only the slightest signs of use. The nib is an 18K Fine.
PE1538 SOLD!