1959 Tortoise Pelikan 500NN Set (plus)

Year:  1959 Condition:  Pen excellent
Cap:  Gold filled Body:  Tortoise celluloid
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $750.00
Length:  5" Flaws:  See description
1959 tortoise and gold filled Pelikan 500NN (plus). This is an extraordinarily clean Pelikan 500NN. The pen is flawless, with a medium nib which is, of course, negotiable. Here's the plus part. It came to me with a 550 (pencil) and 555 (ballpoint), but these have issues. To start with, they are as clean as the pen, but an amateur tried, carefully, to remove a shallowly engraved name. S/he did an acceptable job, did not go through the fill, and even left the guilloche mostly intact, along with a shadow of the name. So here's the deal. The pen is expensive, because it is so clean,
$750.00. And with it you get (for free!!) the ballpoint and pencil. This is a terrific deal, especially as the 555NNs are not common.