1950s green striped Pelikan 140s

Year:  various Condition:  Excellent +
Cap:  black celluloid Body:  green striped celluloid
Nib:  various 14 K, see description Price:  varies; see description
Length:  4 3/4" (12 cm) Flaws:  none
Various dates Pelikan 140s in green striped celluloid. This is a really special offer. We have here ten 140s all selected and restored by the Pelikan guru Jürgen Dittmer. Details on the pens follow below, but all are in flawless condition with none of the usual brassing or discoloration. Each will come with a certificate attesting to its provenance, authorised by Herr Dittmer and signed by me. If anyone wants the whole lot, including the box, contact me immediately for information and pricing so you can get it intact.

     a) Fine nib, some flex, $125.00 SOLD!
     b) Oblique medium nib, $135.00SOLD!
     c) Oblique medium nib, $135.00SOLD!
     d) Oblique Broad nib, $150.00 SOLD!
     e) Oblique Fine nib, $135.00 SOLD!
     f) Fine nib, $125.00 SOLD!
     g) Medium nib, $125.00 SOLD!
     h) Oblique Broad nib, $150.00 SOLD!
     i) Fine nib, $125.00 SOLD!
     j) Oblique Broad nib, $150.00 SOLD!
PE 1934 a-j
All are now SOLD!