1929 Lapis Parker Senior Streamline Duofold Set

Year:  1929 Condition:  Acceptable
Cap:  white on blue lapis celluloid Body:  white on blue lapis celluloid
Nib:  14 Karat medium oblique with flex Price:  $325.00
Length:  5" (12.7 cm) Flaws:  see description
1929 Parker Senior Streamline Duofold in white on blue lapis with standard size pencil. For all the cachet that lapis "flattop" Duofolds have, the lapis streamline is much less common. This Canadian-made pen has a flexible medium oblique nib. Now the bad news: the pen shows quite a bit of wear and belonged previously to A.E. Hansen. The pencil has been seriously chewed and shows heavy use, it has no name. Still, this would make a superb user set. $325.00
PA 1941