1988 Parker Duofold Centennial set

Year:  1988 Condition:  Excellent+
Cap:  blue marbled acrylic Body:  blue marbled acrylic
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $650.00 $595.00 for a limited time!
Length:  5 ½" Flaws:  None
PA1815 is a 1988 Parker Duofold Centennial set, blue marbled fountain pen, ballpoint pen, mechanical pencil. This is an extraordinary set, essential to any collector of modern Parkers, as the fountain pen features a really uncommon 14 K nib (in medium), the ballpoint is in the early clicker style that was discontinued after the first year or so and the pencil is USA made. The box, however, is not original. $650.00, the set. $595.00 for a limited time!