1932 Pearl/Black Parker Streamline Duofold Senior Set

Year:  1932 Condition:  Pen good, pencil excellent
Cap:  Black and pearl celluloid Body:  Black and pearl celluloid
Nib:  Vacumatic replacement, fine Price:  $195.00
Length:  5 1/4" Flaws:  Ambering to pen body
1932 Parker Streamline Duofold Senior DeLuxe set. This set in very good condition does have a few issues. The barrel has the usual ambering, not as bad as in the pics. Also, a "correct" Vacumatic style nib. The matching senior size pencil is near mint with the correct and fully "charged" lead cartridge. If anyone wishes I would consider selling the pencil separately, but not cheaply.
The set $195.00