1927 Red Parker Lucky Curve Duofold Senior

Year:  1927 Condition:  Very good
Cap:  Red permanite Body:  Red permanite
Nib:  Fine Price:  $150.00
Length:  5 1/2" Flaws:  Replaced feed and nib, weak imprint
1927 Parker Lucky Curve Duofold Senior. In red permanite (celluloid). This pen is in super condition, though with a weak imprint. Otherwise no cracks or flaws. The pen does, however, have a replacement nib and feed. It is the "correct" replacement nib, a Vac Oversize, which is what Parker did in the late 1930s when Duofold replacements were no longer available. The nib is fine and rigid and could be exchanged for another vac nib at the purchaser's request. A great looking and writing pen in very good shape.