1964 Sterling Silver Cisele Parker 75 First Year Set

Year:  1964 Condition:  Very good to excellent
Cap:  Sterling silver cisele Body:  Sterling silver cisele
Nib:  Fine Price:  $450.00 the set
 $375.00 the set
Length:  5 1/16" Flaws:  Minor pitting cap and barrel buttons, box rough
1964 Parker 75 First Year Set. This is a really special set, a first year 75 set with metal section threads on the fountain pen. It is completey accurate in every detail and in flawless condition save for a couple of scuffs to the top and bottom buttons on the fountain pen. The ball point is flawless. This is a much finer and more substantial pen than the later 75s. With a fine (#65) nib. Every collector should have one 75, and this may be the one. I got the set in this fairly worn box, but cannot vouch for it as a first year box.
$450.00 the set.
$375.00 the set