1929 Black Kaweco Sport

Year:  1929 Condition:  Very good
Cap:  Black chased celluloid Body:  Black chased celluloid
Nib:  Medium alloy flex Price:  $85.00
Length:   Closed 3 7/8; posted, 5 3/4 " Flaws:  None
ca1929 Kaweco Sport. Perhaps the most enduring pen design of all time, since it has recently been revived by Visconti. This is the real deal, in black chased celluloid, with a piston filler and an alloy nib. This example, probably from the mid-1930s. These are neat pens. Like the later Japanese long cap pens, closed the pen is all of 3 7/8 inches long and can be carried anywhere, anyhow; but posted it is a full 5 3/4 inches. Neat . I took two of these to the Portland show and they were gone in a heartbeat. Here are two more. This one has a rather flexible medium nib. The piston got partially extended during the photo shoot, and the inkwindow looks short and dirty, but is not.