1958 Black Montblanc 149

Year:  1958 Condition:  Very good
Cap:  Black celluloid, with sterling trim rings Body:  Black celluloid
Nib:  Fine to medium 14 K, a hint of flex Price:  $800.00
Length:  5 3/4" Flaws:  Loose sterling rings, as always on this pen
1958 MontBlanc 149, black celluloid with silver trim rings. This is one of the great classic pens and every serious collector should have one. It is simply the best Mont Blanc produced since the 1930s. This pen is entirely clean and correct, with no flaws other than general use. The filler is fully functional and draws up the full 3.2 ml of ink. The 14 K nib is a fine to medium with a hint of flex. No cap cracks or repairs.