1936 Osmia 222

Year:  1936 Condition:  Excellent
Cap:  gray and black marbled red vein celluloid/td> Body:  gray and black marbled red vein celluloid
Nib:   14 K Osmia fine with superb flex Price:  $175.00
Length:  4 3/8" Flaws:   none
1936 Osmia 222 in gray and black marbled celluloid with red veins. The material on this rather uncommon pen is just like that of the Sheaffers. Through much of its life Osmia suffered identity crises, this pen is unlike either the Parker licensed pens before it or the balance looking later pens. It's a button filler with a very flexible 14 K Osmia #2 nib in fine. A charming little pen. $175.00