1945 Sheaffer's Crest 1750 set

Year:  1940s Condition:  Very Good
Cap:  gold filled Body:  black celluloid
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $225.00 $195.00 for a limited time!
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  cap ding, box wear
1945 Sheaffer's Crest 1750 set, pen and pencil. This lever fill pen is the top of Sheaffer's line and in the world of European pens, where I spend most of my time, would be valued at more than twice the asking price. The set has been used and the pen has a 2 mm ding at the back of the cap. The box also shows a bit of wear. The nib is a medium and has all the flex you'dd expect from a triumph nib (that is, none). $195.00 for a limited time!