1930s Melbi Jubileum

Year:  1930s Condition:  Excellent+
Cap:  black and gray celluloid with red Body:  black and gray celluloid with red
Nib:  14 K medium Price:  $325.00
Length:  5" Flaws:  None
1930s Melbi Jubileum black and gray marbled with red veining (similar to the Sheaffer's material, but more subtle). Among the more enduring German makers is Merz and Krell, founded in 1920. Most known for their low price brand, Senator, they also made the Melbi, whose quality is the equal of any other German brand, and far less common. This pen is a button filler with a 14 Kt medium nib, stamped Melbi 1st Qualität. This is a large pen, about the size of a Parker Duofold Senior, though somewhat shorter at five inches. $325.00