1940s Soennecken 116

Year:  1940s Condition:  Very Good+
Cap:  Black celluloid Body:  Black celluloid
Nib:  14 K extremely flexible fine Price:  $275.00
Length:  4 5/16" Flaws:  None
1940s Soennecken 116. Black celluloid twist piston filler. This is an early postwar model with a nicely sized, extremely flexible 14 K fine nib. Though I haven't tried it, this nib is probably way too flexible for me. For those unfamiliar with Soenneckens, both before and immediately after World War II Soennecken was a leading German manufacturer whose quality often exceeded that of the more famous German brands. The top line pens run into high three and low four figures. This is a great entry-level Soennecken.