1925 Oversize Sheaffer's 7-30 Service Pen

Year:  1925 Condition:  Good+
Cap:  Jade radite Body:  Jade radite
Nib:  Medium to fine with a hint of flex Price:  $150.00
Length:  5 1/4" Flaws:  Color, effaced barrel markings
1925 Oversize Sheaffer's 7-30 Service Pen. Jade Radite. This is a real sleeper, a doubly uncommon pen, though in only average condition. I've not polished it, though I have thoroughly reconditioned it, so the buyer gets a clear sense of the defects. It does, however, have its virtues. The 7-30 was virtually identical to the Lifetime Oversize pen, without the guarantee, and sold for (you guessed it) $7.30. They are not common. On top of it, this pen is marked "Service Pen" on the cap. On the barrel there is "Service Pen Loaned By [partially effaced] Bros." Someone did try to remove the barrel markings, but did not do a lot of damage. The color is about average and the medium to fine nib almost shows a bit of flex.