1950s Gold Filled Zenith Extra

Year:  1950s Condition:  Near to fully mint
Cap:  18 K gold filled Body:  18 K gold filled
Nib:  Fine minimal flex Price:  $250.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  None!!
1950s Zenith Extra. 18 Karat gold filled piston filler with a hooded fine nib, some flex. A crisp lined and diamond guilloche. This pen is a mystery to me. Obviously of the highest quality, I'd put it above contemporary Auroras, and like the Aurora, a Parker 51copy. The pen appears never to have seen ink and is in general flawless. A neat and uncommon pen. If it were a piston filled Pelikan 520, I'd price it at $500. This pen near mint in the box,