1950s Conway Stewart 100 Duro

Year:  1950s Condition:  Very good to excellent
Cap:  Black celluloid Body:  Black celluloid
Nib:  Broken Price:  $145.00
Length:  5 3/8" Flaws:  The nib
1950s Conway Stewart 100 Duro. Black celluloid, lever-filler. This is one really cool pen with one really bad flaw—a piece of the iridium is gone from the nib(don't ask). Rather than having it retipped, I decided to let the new owner decide what type of new size she/he wants, so the pen is relatively cheap. Also, at the purchaser's request I will provide and fit a non-CS nib (something appropriate, probably a Peli 800) as a loaner for use while the original nib is being retipped.